Clash Royale tips and strategy for attack

It is always advisable to wait until the enemy attacks, so wait always at the beginning and look what the opponent is going to do and wait until he place the first unit on the battlefield. Should the opponents read a similar strategy like this and if he doesn't place any unit, you can start the battle, but wait until the Elixir Bar is 10.

Never send weak units alone in the opposition half, because they will be destroyed by the Tower, that no one can longer respond by placing units. Therefore always send a tank forward, which can accommodate the most damage, without being pulverized within 2 seconds.
A good strategy is to place the tank in the form of a huge way in the back in your base. The giant then moves slowly towards the first building and as it moves to your elixir charges. Once the giant arrived at the bridge to the enemy base, you can send, with filled Elixir Bar directly two more units in the battle, such as archers or bombers.

Later in the game you will get buildings from which units may come, you should definitely take out the unit from the first line of fire and therefore set very far back in the base. So only the tower must be destroyed once until the units replenishment through the building can be stopped by the enemy.
You should regularly revise your card deck and upgrading especially your existing cards. You can upgrade the card in Clash Royale, thereby increasing individual values ​​of the units, such as the damage and therefore the damage per second as well as the hit points. On defense, you can use very small units, slow the enemy to come in the direction of your base. Here is recommended in addition to goblins especially the skeleton army.

Do not play too defensively. In the next few rounds you can often see that some players overreact and an lost their tower trying to save it by all means. Is it really worth, we would doubt it really. If you already put pressure on the opponent and get the Tower, you should push the unit in attack rather than trying to defend a tower, which is long lost.

Created by Clash Royale Hack Team